Ceramics is a way of living. In the case of María, her Mediterranean roots, the natural environment and the zest for life are transmitted in her handmade ceramic pieces, where values ​​of freshness and naturalness emerge. Its value lies in the completely handmade realization of pieces created with a deep love and respect for the material.

María Aracil Brotons, born in Sant Joan d'Alacant, graduated in artistic ceramics from the Alicante School of Arts and Crafts and after finishing her studies in 1991, opened her ceramics workshop in San Juan de Alicante in the old feed store of the family dairy where he grew up, there in the Finca el Rosario, he began to work both commissioned and making his own pieces, after 30 years this small workshop on the Mediterranean coast offers the craftsmanship that comes from work and experience.

María has carried out numerous projects for institutions, she has collaborated with archaeological sites and her decorative pieces have been sold in stores throughout the Spanish geography.

Ceramic courses and workshops

María has taught classes in parallel during her 30 years of work in the workshop, at this time she offers different training possibilities depending on the target audience.

Ceramic experience

They are a series of short workshops designed to obtain basic knowledge of ceramics for adults and that take place intermittently either in María's workshop in San Juan de Alicante or moving to other places where it is possible to carry out a workshop, they are of a or two sessions and they are announced on networks or in their newsletter, although they are also prepared for closed groups that want to experiment with ceramics in a playful and relaxed way.

Mud experience for infant and primary school children

These are courses aimed at schoolchildren where psychomotricity, creativity and group experiences are worked on.
Depending on the age, the content and price vary.

Mediterranean Crafts

María Cerámica Mediterráneo offers a set of standard handcrafted pieces that you can request to order with already stipulated prices.

The delay depends on each moment and it is advisable to ask for availability.

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