On July 20 and 27, a two-session RAKU ceramic course will take place in María's workshop.

We return with one of the most magical ceramic experiences that you can discover, we propose a two-session workshop around the RAKU technique.

The Raku technique is a technique of Korean origin, but it was developed in a special way in Japan in the 16th century. It has generally been used to create pieces that were used in the Tea ceremony, the result is always surprising.

María Cerámica Mediterránea adapts this technique to her Mediterranean culture and proposes a simple workshop, where the user can experience the process of one of the most magical transformations of ceramic techniques.

In the 1st session, July 20, Thursday, each participant will make their pieces by hand in high-temperature clay guided by María, to carry out this workshop you do not need knowledge of ceramics, in the process María will provide you with detailed information about the RAKU technique to that you become familiar with the process and acquire basic knowledge of ceramics. The 2nd session, Thursday July 27, will be the RAKU party, you will glaze the pieces you made in the first session and we will fire them on the same day while we have wine and a snack to celebrate the magical moment, where we discover how each piece comes to life and shows a unique and unrepeatable personality.

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